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Value Proposition

Specialized disciplinary knowledge and experience in biomedicine combined with deep ...

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About Us

New sequencing technologies can comprehensively measure multiple types of molecules (e.g., DNA, RNA, proteins) at a high-speed and low-cost leading to an unprecedented generation of multiple omics data (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics) comprising several thousand to millions of measurements from a patient’s sample or an individual cell. This wealth of data, combined with other medical data such as wearable sensor data, electronic records, and medical images, brings enormous opportunities to upgrade the practice of medicine with accurate diagnostics, personalized treatments, early disease prevention, and accelerated drug development. However, such opportunities come with significant challenges which demand advanced and reliable artificial intelligence models and big data analytics to translate data into useful insights, accurate predictions, and reliable decisions.

Why Choose Us

Our Strategic goals and competitive advantages


Accelerating personalized medicine and precision therapy


Our mission is to Developing and deploying cutting-edge AI and data science approaches to solve some notorious challenges facing modern data-driven medicine in biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and drug repurposing


  • Aspiration
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Thinking out-of-box
  • Collaboration
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving

Value Proposition

Specialized disciplinary knowledge and experience in biomedicine combined with deep technical and methodological expertise in AI and data science to enable meaningful and optimal problem solving

Team Members


Dr Fatemeh Vafaee

Founding CEO

Fatemeh is an experienced computer scientist and bioinformatician with expertise in artificial intelligence and over a decade of experience in biomedical data science and translational medicine. She has published >50 articles including those in top-tier journals of clinical, biological and computer sciences. She had a leading role in attracting ~$11M in research and industry-based funding. She is also the Deputy Director of the Data Science Centre at UNSW Sydney.

Dr Seid Miad Zandavi

Chief Data Scientist

Seid Miad is an experienced computer scientist with expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science applied to biomedical applications. He has published over 30 articles and contributed to attracting over $4M funds in biological and clinical research. Miad is also a research fellow at Harvard Medical School, the Division of Genetics and Genomics at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Mr Forrest Koch

Data Scientist

Forrest is a statistician and data scientist experienced in engineering creative computational solutions to a wide range of quantitative problems. He has 5+ years of experience as a researcher in areas of bioinformatics, neuroimaging, pharmacoepidemiology, and injury prevention research. He has written and co-authored 10+ research papers, and had his work presented to key policy and decision makers. Forrest graduated with First Class Honours from UNSW holding degrees in statistics and computer science.

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